Increasing / decreasing the weight achieved with resistance bands

We have been getting a lot of questions recently regarding the weight achieved resistance bands in comparison to free weights.

The answer to this question is not as simple as one would think due to various of factors.

Although there are indications on the level of resistance for each band, it’s important to note that the resistance level achieved really depends on YOU… i.e. your distance from the anchor point, how far you can stretch the bands or simply, how far apart your feet are when you’re standing on the bands. The further you stretch the bands, the higher the resistance you will achieve.

**Note: Never stretch the bands more than 4 times it’s length for safety reasons**

Here are some tips to help increase or decrease the resistance levels to adjust the difficulty of your exercises!


Stacking the bands together

The most common way to increase the resistance is to stack the DMK Fitbands together. Each DMK accessory has a D – ring that allows you to stack all five bands at one time. Whether it be the DMK bar, handle, door anchor or ankle strap, these accessories have the capacity to stack multiple bands to fire up those muscles. For instance, if you’re working with a 20 lbs band, adding a 15lbs band increases your resistance to 35lbs.


Distance from anchoring point

When you are conducting exercises using the door anchor or anchoring the bands to a pole, you can increase or decrease the resistance by changing your position. Simply put, the further away you are from the anchoring point, the higher the resistance you feel when you are stretching the bands. Of course, this works the opposite way if you are wanting to decrease the resistance.


Increase / decrease the gap between feet when you’re standing on the bands

When you are conducting exercises like biceps curl, bent over row, shoulder press, squat, lateral raise etc, you can increase the resistance by having wider distance between both feet when you are standing on the bands. This will in turn shorten the section of the bands you are stretching whilst making the resistance higher.

Adjusting the resistance when exercising

A great advantage of resistance bands in comparison to free weights is how easy you can adjust the difficulty level during exercises. This allows your workouts to be more personalized based on your strength / capability during your workout. For instance, if mid-way through your biceps curl, you feel you won’t be able to achieve the last rep effectively, decrease the gap between both feet on the bands or move closer to the anchor point and voila, you can finish your set. Likewise, widening the gap or moving further away from the anchor point will increase resistance without the need to stack another band. Clearly, this will be difficult to achieve when you are performing bicep curls using a free weight.