About us

DMK Fitbands is proudly founded in New Zealand and has recently expanded to Europe. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand and Budapest, Hungary. 


DMK Fitbands was created with the ‘busy‘ you in mind. Our mission is to help you on your fitness journey by offering premium fitness equipment and accessories that save you time and money.  

We believe that achieving your fitness goals can be done anytime, anywhere and in the comfort of your own home - all made possible with DMK Fitband’s 100% customized portable gym.

From the design – testing – manufacturing process, our team are involved in every aspect to ensure our products are of the highest quality standard, which allows us to ultimately provide you with a convenient, accessible and functional experience with DMK Fitbands. 

Want to build muscle, tone your body or lose weight? Whatever your fitness goal, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!  

All the best.

Maree & Adam – DMK Fitbands