DMK Fitbands


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DMK Fitbands Set - Resistance Bands + DMK Bar


The DMK Fitbands is a ‘mobile gym’ which gives you the freedom to workout on your demand whilst saving time and money. Anyone can use them as the bands have been designed to accommodate all fitness levels, provide a full body workout to tone and build your muscles as well as increase your fitness level – a great alternative to free weights and workout machines. In addition, you also have the option to add extra variations to your exercises with the use of the DMK Bar. 

The set includes five excellent quality resistance bands of varying resistance (5-25LBS) which is identifiable by the following colour scheme. Each band is made from 100% natural latex and is 1.2mtrs long and can be stretched four times its length.

  • Black:              25LBS
  • Dark blue:       20LBS
  • Light blue:      15LBS
  • Grey:               10LBS
  • Light grey:      5LBS

Also included are 2 x sturdy foam handles which provide a comfortable grip during exercise routines, 2 x padded ankle straps to provide comfort for lower body workouts, 1 x sturdy door anchor with D ring and padded loop for attachment options, all packaged in a light and portable carry-on bag.

DMK Bar 

Expand your workout variations with our durable and portable DMK bar. Weighing just over 1kg with the capacity to handle 5 resistance bands at one time. The threaded midsection allows you to break the bar down into two parts (500mm each), making it ideal for when you’re on the go or travelling. The DMK bar is covered with a high-density foam for maximum comfort, and goes through a rigorous plating process (nickel plated) to ensure corrosion and friction resistance, making it long lasting and excellent quality. With fully rotatable end-cap swivels, the DMK bar provides safe & secure attachment points.

What are our customers saying? 

“When I can’t make it to the gym, the DMK resistance bands come out. Simple to set up and easy to use. So much versatility which allows me to use more than one band to give it an increased range of resistance. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying the fitbands. These will not disappoint”


- Sebastian 


“I have been using DMK Fitbands for the past month and these resistance bands are doing wonders. I save so much time and I can fit in a quick workout when I’m at home with the kids. I love that I can attach the bands anywhere using the accessories – either clip or wrap them around objects, increase the resistance by adding another fitband or folding it in half”


- Ellie 

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